This Stuff Good: Edit Bunker

Edit Bunker. Killer duo. Live playing + tracks + video. Synced audio to – band namesake – Edith (and Archie) Bunker. Awesome. An NYC band led by Zach Danziger, these dudes are a DJ’s dream.

This Stuff Good: MXXWLL

MXXWLL. An ongoing fave. Drawing on a seamless blend of influences from old school G-funk to sly nods to J Dilla, Beats Vol. 1 is an easy listening, groove heavy time. The second track is a slow builder, and worth the reveal. A touch of Pomo. A dash of Prince. Synth and beat heaven.

This Stuff Good: Mister Barrington

Mister Barrington. A new fave. An NYC band pioneered by Owen Biddle, of The Roots fame, this sucker is right up a DJ’s alley. With another personal hero, drummer Zach Danziger at the rhythm helm, the music is crazy creative. Basically a mix of 80s video game + super modern jazz, while their slightly older stuff has the timeless aroma of peak D’Angelo. Synth and beat heaven.

The 50 Best IDM Albums of All Time (According to Pitchfork)

IDM. Intelligent Dance Music. So called. As in, different from SDM; Stupid Dance Music. Tomato, tomato.

Either way, this title is a big old mouthful to chew off. And pitchfork certainly has a rep for knowing music. While good for a couple hours of listening/time wasting at the very least, in my humble opinion, results are mixed. It’s got a bit of column A (good), bit of column B (bad), and a lot column C (meh). They definitely nail a bunch, with hands-down, all-time classics like Boards of Canada, Autechre, and Aphex Twin. But a lot of it kinda goes into the filler, “navel gazing” bin. Which of course, as a musician, I like.

And hey, it’s good to open the ears. And you’ve got to write copy. And most of all, it’s always hard to make a playlist. Of any kind. In any genre. For any one. Much less one that even comes close to nailing a top 50. Of anything. So kudos for trying Pitchfork. Not sure I’d even have 15 I could list off with a gun to my head. Tomato, tomato.

One from the list.

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