The 50 Best IDM Albums of All Time (According to Pitchfork)

IDM. Intelligent Dance Music. So called. As in, different from SDM; Stupid Dance Music. Tomato, tomato.

Either way, this title is a big old mouthful to chew off. And pitchfork certainly has a rep for knowing music. While good for a couple hours of listening/time wasting at the very least, in my humble opinion, results are mixed. It’s got a bit of column A (good), bit of column B (bad), and a lot column C (meh). They definitely nail a bunch, with hands-down, all-time classics like Boards of Canada, Autechre, and Aphex Twin. But a lot of it kinda goes into the filler, “navel gazing” bin. Which of course, as a musician, I like.

And hey, it’s good to open the ears. And you’ve got to write copy. And most of all, it’s always hard to make a playlist. Of any kind. In any genre. For any one. Much less one that even comes close to nailing a top 50. Of anything. So kudos for trying Pitchfork. Not sure I’d even have 15 I could list off with a gun to my head. Tomato, tomato.

One from the list.

Check the full article HERE.

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