And they say everyone’s a DJ.

It’s true. Simple, innate, relentless, yet useful. Lovers of sound. Creators of change. Adjusters of thought. Like a summer fat with BBQ joy. Like gravity overexcited. A black hole drawing you into sound. Inexorably. A sufficiently possible and reasonable expression. An effort at daily excellence. An elevation of baser instincts. Through sound. Through everything.

I am.

The Mycorrhiza.


DJ, music blogger, Bauhaus fan, lover of all things design.

Born an 80s dreamer, The Mycorrhiza lives and breathes Atari, 90s hiphop, beer a la mode, Chuck Mangione, and web design. Between beats and coffee the Rrhyz spends as much time thinking ambient noise and CSS as breathing. Good thing he’s a DJ.

He walks the dangerous line between minimalism and sci-fi, spending his time in an effort to improve the world through sound, and save it from bad design. DJM creates with passion and a dash of clear logic, seeking balance through extremes.


Fascinated by the unrelenting divergence of the universe, Mycorrhiza connects beat and melody. An ecology of sound.

With influences from Atari to John Cage, new resolutions are generated from both traditional and modern structures. The Mycorrhiza explores the theoretical limits of the moment, and the relationship between aural experience and spatial derivatives. With an ethos of innovation through diligent and critical practice, he connects with the field. And the listener is left with a tribute to the potentials of our era. Through sound.


This Stuff Good: Edit Bunker

Edit Bunker. Killer duo. Live playing + tracks + video. Synced audio to – band namesake – Edith (and Archie) Bunker. Awesome. An NYC band led by Zach Danziger, these dudes are a DJ’s dream.

This Stuff Good: MXXWLL

MXXWLL. An ongoing fave. Drawing on a seamless blend of influences from old school G-funk to sly nods to J Dilla, Beats Vol. 1 is an easy listening, groove heavy time. The second track is a slow builder, and worth the reveal. A touch of Pomo. A dash of Prince. Synth and beat heaven.